Recently, the Washington County CDA launched its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. It provides a multi-year blueprint to frame our market and stay focused on priorities responsive to the needs of Washington County. The Washington County CDA sees the benefits of defining the foundations of our work and having a shared vision of the future. This five-year plan lays out the current environment and our plans for how we will build a successful future for our residents and businesses to ultimately meet our mission:

“To improve the lives of Washington County residents by providing access to affordable housing and supporting community and economic development in local municipalities.”


CDA Board Chair Roger Green extends his gratitude  to staff and leaders from Washington County, its municipalities, and other community partners that thoughtfully contributed to the development of this plan. “When we bring our community together to build relationships, celebrate our collaborations, and honor people, we build positive momentum that can help us accomplish our goals. I hope you’ll partner with us to strengthen and increase the impact we have on our community. It’s one more step in fostering a vibrant, prosperous, and growing County through extraordinary community development.”

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