Each year, on one night in January, volunteers from across the country go out into their communities to document homelessness. This nationwide effort helps government agencies to understand the extent of homelessness and to ensure that support and resources are directed where they are most needed. (Additional detail: What is a point-in-time count?)

This year’s count will occur on January 24th, 2018. Your help is needed to ensure that our data is accurate and that we are fighting homelessness effectively in our communities. Shifts are available throughout the day and volunteers are always sent out in groups to ensure safety.  Volunteers will be connected to a lead volunteer for more information and training.   Typically volunteers work 2 to 4 hours on the day of the count.

Please help us work towards ending homelessness in Washington County. To volunteer, please contact our housing specialist, Ann Lindquist, by phone at 651-202-2813, or by email at [email protected]. Thank you!

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