In December, the HRA Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt a process that will make all HRA-owned property smoke-free by June 1, 2016. The vote was cast after collecting input from residents in two separate surveys done in the last five years which showed overwhelming support for such a policy.

The HRA also anticipates significant cost savings in maintaining its properties, as units occupied by smokers require extensive work upon move-out to remove evidence of smoking. This includes replacing carpets and carpet padding, repainting walls, and replacing counters, cabinets, and other porous surfaces on an accelerated timetable.

The process will be phased in with all new tenants signing a smoke-free lease addendum. Current residents who renew their leases after June 1, 2015, will also be required to sign the addendum. All HRA property will be 100% smoke-free by June 1, 2016.

Additional information about the implementation timetable can be found by clicking here. Residents who wish to provide feedback can do so by sending a message to [email protected].

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