Grant Information and Income Eligibility CARH Flyer

Thank you for your interest in the COVID Assistance Relief for Homeownership (CARH) program. This program may provide a one-time payment for the following eligible uses:

  • Up to six months of delinquent mortgage payments, late fees, and attorney fees related to delinquency, including required mortgage insurance and escrow deposits beyond principal and interest
  • Up to six months of delinquent 2nd mortgage and/or home equity line of credit payments.
  • Up to six months of delinquent HOA dues and/or fees, including attorney fees related to payment delinquency.
  • Up to six months of delinquent homeowner’s insurance premiums

To determine your eligibility, you are required to participate in our Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Program. To begin the application process, please provide the required documentation listed below.

Documents can be mailed to the CDA office or dropped off in the dropbox outside the CDA office at: Washington County CDA, 7645 Currell Blvd, Woodbury MN 55125. A member of our homeownership team can also provide applicants access to a secure upload site if you prefer to submit documents online- contact a homeownership team member via the email address listed below to request access to upload documents.

1.FC Application

2. FC Budget

3. FC Client-Advisor Agreement

4. Release of Information

5.Duplication of Benefits Disclosure and Certification (list any COVID-related assistance you have received since March 2020)

6. COVID Hardship Statement

7. W-9 Form (complete line 1 with applicant name and lines 5-7 with property address, Part I SSN, and Part II sign and date)

8. Most recent monthly mortgage statement

9. Most recent Homeowner Association (HOA) statement, if applicable

10. Letters received from your mortgage servicer or an attorney related to your payment delinquency, if applicable (including any notice of Sheriff Sale scheduled)

11. Income Documentation for all household members age 18 and older– provide the documentation listed below that applies for the household.

  • Most recent two months of paystubs
  • Most recent statement from other income sources, including Unemployment Insurance payments, Social Security payments for any household member, TANF or other public assistance benefits, pension or annuity income, etc.
  • If you are self-employed (for example, rideshare driver, food/grocery deliver service, home-based business, or any other type of business you participate in), provide a year-to-date profit and loss statement and your most recent Federal tax return with all schedules included.
  1. Financial Asset Documentation for all household members age 18 and older– provide the documentation listed below that applies for the household.
  • Most recent six monthly statements for all checking accounts
  • Most recent monthly statement for all savings accounts
  • Most recent statement for all investment accounts, including any cryptocurrency accounts
  • Most recent statement for all retirement or pension accounts
  • Most recent statement showing cash value of any life insurance policies or annuities that have a cash value/withdrawal option
  • If you own investment property (for example, a home that you rent out), provide the current tax assessed value of the property and the most recent mortgage/loan statement for the property
  • If you own personal property as an investment (for example, classic cars, jewelry, artwork, other collections, etc.), provide the current value of each item

Once your initial paperwork is received, we will reach out to you to schedule a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling appointment via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or phone. Your eligibility for the CARH grant program funds cannot be determined until you have completed the scheduled appointment and have submitted all the required documentation listed above.

For additional resources or options with homeownership, please contact the homeownership team: (651) 202-2822 or [email protected]